"Where Children Thrive"

What We Teach


“I am 100% convinced that my daughter is growing into a more well-rounded child because of her time spent at MCC. Her social, emotional and developmental needs are being addressed in a way that I never imagined would be possible outside of my direct care.”

–Victoria Wilson, Parent

Social Emotional Development

We believe that a child’s intellectual and creative potential can only develop fully if their social and emotional capacities are properly nourished. If children can learn to finish what they start without quitting, if they are honest with others and themselves, if they care for and treat others with respect, if they acquire self-control, and if they work and play cooperatively with others, they will be able to act for, rather then against, their own best interest. Our curricula are designed throughout to engage and nurture these capacities — they are the foundation on which healthy social, intellectual, and creative expressions are founded.

Intellectual Development

Our curricula involve children actively in problem solving. Math, reading, writing and oral language give them the tools that allow them to think in an orderly fashion. Our strong emphasis on the MCC natural science curriculum feeds and compliments a child’s natural sense of wonder and curiosity by teaching them to observe, ask questions, and think critically about what they see, hear, smell, and feel throughout their day.

Creative Arts Development

Whether it’s making up simple rhymes or acting in a play, singing and dancing or drawing and painting – children love to create, with their minds, their voices, their bodies, or their hands and eyes in unison — whether it’s a toddler finger-painting to music or a kindergartener drawing with pastels or a school ager designing a mobile to hang from their ceiling, children need freedom to create.  We value the arts for the pleasure they give others and the pleasure they give to the children who express themselves through them.

Physical Development

If you explore our outdoor or indoor facilities you will appreciate just how much value we place on each child’s physical development. These spaces were designed, not only for the sheer pleasure of running, tumbling, swimming, or climbing, but also for teaching children how to control their bodies through individual skill building and team games.  All of this contributes to children’s sense of comfort with and confidence in their bodies


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