What does it mean to be curious? The toddler years are a time of most dramatic and exciting growth in motor and language development.  These skills facilitate an eagerness to learn through new experiences while fostering a greater sense of self.


Our teachers feed our toddlers' natural curiosity by exposing them through their senses to new experiences and concepts.  Songs, stories, questions, descriptions and explanations – our toddlers are immersed in hearing language from their teachers while being encouraged and supported to use their own emerging skills.  Our curriculum and environment are designed to allow toddlers to explore their new physical capabilities while also providing structure and space for laying a foundation of social, intellectual, and creative skills.


The Toddler Program serves children beginning at 1.3 years of age from 6:30am to 5:30pm.  See our toddlers’ daily schedule and further explore each of our curriculum areas.

What can toddlers, parents, and teachers expect from the Toddler Program?



• Exposure to a wide variety of developmentally appropriate and challenging activities.

• A clear, consistent set of expectations within a predictable, yet flexible, routine.

• Guided experiences interacting with peers.

• A sense of pride in learning new skills that leads to greater independence.



• A clear picture of what MCC values and how we teach your child.

• Daily communication about your child’s activities and learning.

• A profile of the skills your child is developing.

• A trusting connection with MCC staff and opportunities to participate in your child’s educational experience.



• A trusting connection with each child and satisfaction in seeing him/her progress and grow.

• A profile of each child’s interests and a clear set of teaching objectives for each child.

• A structured, yet flexible, schedule that supports both the individual child’s and the group’s daily needs.

• Curriculum activities and mentoring support which allow teachers to provide children with continuity in their learning experiences

   and which encourage teachers to help develop novel activities.


1100 School St.

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