Infant - Social Emotional

Independence – What does it mean for an infant?

Independence  in MCC’s Infant Program means bonding with caregivers, exploring one’s capabilities and the environment, and beginning to regulate one’s emotions and to communicate one’s needs.

What are our goals for our infants?

• To begin to notice, engage, and seek interactions from adults and peers.


• To express emotions and to begin to develop strategies to manage expression.


• To explore objects and the environment.


• To use basic words in sign language to communicate one’s wants and needs.


• To develop a positive sense of self and capabilities.

How do we teach these skills?

• Teachers engage infants as individuals and within the group

   through care giving, talking, singing, and games.


• Teachers describe children’s emotions and support their needs.


• We provide a safe environment with inviting toys, where teachers

   model new skills to encourage each child’s exploration.


• Teachers pair words with signs, such as "milk," "more," "all done,"

   and "swing," to provide infants with a tool for communication.


• Teachers individually challenge and praise the efforts of each



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