Infant - Physical

Gross Motor Kicking, clapping, stretching, crawling, sitting – Infants use their large muscles as a form of expression and communication.  Our teachers individually assist each child in using their bodies through natural play routines.  Manual guidance and interest seeking strategies are used to encourage and incentivize our infants to enjoy moving their bodies.

Fine Motor Grasping, reaching, pinching, waving, stacking – The rapid development of sensorimotor skills drives infants to explore their environment in every way they can.  Our teachers continuously introduce our infants to a variety of materials and provide experiences that require the use of developing small motor muscles.

Self Care Our teachers support our infants in indicating their needs and assisting in daily care routines by providing regular routines and vocalizing the process and significance of self-care.  Teaching signing to infants empowers them to pre-verbally express their needs, such as “more” or “up”.


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