Infant - Creative Arts

Infants are discovering the world through all their senses.  Our Creative Arts curriculum provides many enrichment opportunities to engage infants in exploration and discovery.

Visual Arts – Our infants explore various shapes, colors, textures, light and shadows throughout the day.  The soft texture of a puppet, the nubby surface of a ball, the edge of a block, the bright color of a rattle, the reflective surface of a mirror, or the shadows on the wall all provide information to the curious infant and encourage further exploration.  Our older Infants begin to explore paint, markers, paper, crayons, and playdough as they learn the very basic vocabulary of our drawing curriculum.

Performing Arts – Our infants enjoy watching our older children perform and also enthusiastically participate in a variety of musical and dramatic play activities throughout the day.  Whether it’s singing, dancing, engaging in fingerplays, pretending with props, playing rhythm instruments, or listening to stories with puppets, they are learning to express themselves in many creative ways.


1100 School St.

Mansfield, MA 02048