"Where Children Thrive"

Core Staff

“The staff employs good practices throughout everything that they do from the big picture down to the smallest detail. When I walk through the door at the end of the day, [the staff] make me feel as though Ally were the only child in their care.”     -Victoria Wilson, Parent

Most of our staff is comprised of members of our team who have been with us for many years.  Their dedication, investment, knowledge, and personal ownership in our program is vital to bringing our philosophy to life.


Jeanne Fallon’s affection for the arts and nature has led her to support teacher training and curriculum development in these areas in addition to her primary role of ensuring that the business flows properly.

Kevin Fallon’s love for teaching young children, for the outdoors and physical activity precipitated the establishment of our school.  His role includes training staff, providing parents with support through parent meetings, and the upkeep of the grounds and facilities.

John Pangburn’s knowledge of intellectual problem solving and social emotional development guides our school’s natural science curriculum and independence program.  He works with staff in developing curriculum and improving best practices.


Our mentors, each having once been a teacher in our program, provide direct curriculum development and teacher training support to their respective programs.

Betsey 25+ years at MCC

Coordinator –  Admissions and Employment

Mentor – Infant and Toddler


"A child's experience in early education depends on the quality of the staff.  It is a pleasure to work at the Mansfield Children's Center with a group of caring, motivated, knowledgeable teachers.  Their commitment, and the expert guidance of the directors, informs our common goals for the children and their families: creating lifelong learners and engaged citizens."

Sandy 25+ years at MCC

Mentor – Preschool


"I pretty much grew up at MCC.  It for me is like home away from home.  The outdoor environment is a little resort on its own: with gardens, nature paths, fields, playgrounds, a butterfly atrium, and a pool.  The core staff and directors are knowledgeable and are great resources.  The directors - Kevin, Jeanne, and John - are always available and on site.  The curriculum at MCC is forever expanding to new and challenging heights.  MCC is not only a place where children thrive, but a place where the staff do too."

Donna30+ years at MCC

Mentor – Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten


"Inviting imagination

 Nurturing curiosity

 Daring to take a risk

 Emotional intelligence


 Exceptional environments

 Natural science curriculum

 Developing a sense of pride

 Engaging professional staff

 Nationally accredited

 Collaborative cooperation

 Experiences that last a lifetime!"

Ashley10+ years at MCC

Mentor – School Age


“Pride. Confidence. Leadership. – MCC nurtured these attributes within me as a child.  As a teacher and mentor MCC supports the continual growth of my skills through direct guidance from the directors and by working with a team of invested teachers.”

Teaching Staff

Our teachers are assigned a primary group of children they care for in conjunction with their team.

Infant Teachers

Linda 10+ years at MCC

Infant Teacher


"The warm atmosphere of sharing and support among the staff and families at MCC is what makes it a most interesting, fun and unique place to work and learn.  It is gratifying to watch the small infants in my care grow and develop into such capable and caring school agers over the years and to feel that I played a small role in that process."

Sue 15+ years at MCC

Infant Teacher


"The Mansfield Children’s Center is full of coworkers that are friendly, supportive of each other and very knowledgeable.  There is an abundance of open play space, inside and out.  There are also several areas for children to experience and learn about gardening and nature, hands-on."

Libby 15+ years at MCC

Infant and Toddler Volunteer


"It's the children.  It's the staff.  I like to help people."

Toddler Teachers

Kate 20+ years at MCC

Toddler Teacher


"I began working at MCC in January of 1992. I find my job to be both challenging and rewarding. As teachers we are challenged with providing not only the best possible care, but the best  possible experiences and opportunities for the children. During my years at MCC I have seen and helped implement the signing program as well as embraced our outdoor space with the Natural Science Program. I plan to remain at MCC caring for and enjoying the daily growth of the children in our care."


Nancy10+ years at MCC

Toddler Teacher


“Being a teacher here allows me to continue to grow and be the best I can at what my passion is and that is caring for young children and teaching them new skills to master each day in a healthy and happy environment.”



Katie5+ years at MCC

Toddler and Preschool Teacher


Lilly10+ years at MCC

Toddler and Preschool Teacher


"This is my home away from home.  I love MCC – we’re family here.  I love the children and the families that come here.  I love that we’re always learning – I’m learning.  I didn’t know any thing about art, or plants, or animals, or any of that... so I am learning along with the children.  I also like that [the directors] are always here for us and they respect that we have our own family at home and if something comes up the office is always trying to make it work for us.  I just like everything about MCC.  I wouldn’t ever want to leave here.”

Preschool Teachers


Courtney 10+ years at MCC

Preschool Teacher


“I enjoy watching how much these kids change.  Watching them from the infant room through school age as they learn and figure things out... seeing the kids that I had six years ago over at school age now becoming 'greens' and 'blues'.  Knowing that I helped them in some small part.”


Karen5+ years at MCC

Preschool Teacher


"For me here, since I previously worked in a corporate daycare, obviously I think the grounds are beautiful.  I like having all the different outdoor spaces.  Here you get your input on the curriculum instead of it just handed down to you.  Previously I felt limited, but here there are tons of supplies and because people have been here so long, the ideas that people just have are endless.  I enjoy coming to work everyday.”

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Teachers


Marybeth 15+ years at MCC

Pre-Kindergarten  and Kindergarten Teacher


“Mansfield Children’s Center gave me the tools I needed to become a successful teacher.  The directors and mentors challenge me to remain open to new experiences and opportunities.  They encourage me to look for the teachable moments that will translate into excitement and curiosity in the children.  It is that curiosity that keeps me motivated to stay, learn, and grow.”

Tara 15+ years at MCC

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


"This place is like a second home to me.  I care deeply about the program because I see the difference it has made to my family.  The lessons learned here are not just for children, I have become a better teacher and a better parent."

School Age Teachers

Colleen 15+ years at MCC

Morning Preschool, Morning Pre-Kindergarten, School Age


“I like being here because I like the philosophy of teaching children to be independent thinkers and getting them to think about how to come to their own conclusions.  I like the way we are taught to teach through question asking.  I like that it is all about [the children] and it is not about lecturing and how smart I am as a teacher, but how much we can work together as a team to ask questions and find answers.  Really spending that time forms a bond between the children and the teachers.”

Office Staff

Shirley 30+ years at MCC

Office Manager


"After working here for thirty years there is so much to say. I focus primarily on keeping up with the office work, but, at times, teaching children to respect nature. At MCC the children always come first and they are enjoyable to work with for they always want to know more."

Sandra 20+ years at MCC

Office Coordinator


"MCC has challenged me to grow and stretch my skills to better serve my peers, the children, and the Center as a whole. The directors and coordinators are encouraging and supportive, allowing a comfortable and enjoyable work environment. The opportunities to work beyond my office role – IT, photography, video, natural science studies, and occasionally working alongside children makes life at MCC, for me, an adventure every day. Variety is the spice of life at MCC."


1100 School St.

Mansfield, MA 02048