"Where Children Thrive"

Our Community

“He started as a quiet preschooler six years ago  You've taught him to communicate his feelings.  He sometimes stood back and watched - now he participates.  He used to always ask for help - now he tries to solve problems for himself first.  He feels part of the family here; he knows you're behind him all the way, just like us.”                                                                               –The Bonda Family

Parent Involvement

We invite and encourage parents to participate in their child’s education in many ways during the year through both formal and informal invitations.  Your involvement and support is essential as we partner to provide an enriching environment in which your child can thrive.


Our open door policy invites parents or family members to participate in daily curriculum activities and to schedule meetings with our directors and staff.


Each of our programs hosts numerous parent or family events throughout the year, which range from curriculum activities to performances.  Each summer families from our whole school are invited to attend our Arts Festival which includes many activities and performances from each group.

Preschool Teddy Bear Picnic

School Wide Natural Science Day

School Wide Arts Festival Day

Pre-K Mystery Reader

Pre-K and K Fall Field Trip

Pre-K and K Kite Festival

News and Notes

Our MCC News and Notes are sent to families on a quarterly bases to share with families updates, reminders, special events, a curriculum focus, or highlights from the classrooms and, of course, lots of pictures.  Click to view some of our past publications.

Make a Gift

As a non-profit small school we work hard to provide our children, families, and staff with the best resources. To achieve this, we prioritize enriching and expanding our in-house designed curriculum and in-classroom teacher training.  Contributions are always welcome.  To make a donation, please contact Shirley by phone at 508-339-4111 or by email at shirley_wherekidsthrive@verizon.net.


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