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Mansfield Children's Center

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MCC will be closed Tuesday

March 14th, 2017 due to the snow storm!

“While the facility is just great with all the land, the pool, etc. - we recognize that it is the people that make your place so special.”

– Lorri and Jeff Hahn, Parents

Our History


In 1981 our  Directors, each of whom was successful in related fields, chose to design and develop a learning environment for children that was unique.


We worked to create an alternative to generic corporate child care chains by building a non-profit center in Mansfield, Massachusetts that was engaging indoors, spaciously natural outdoors, and child-nourishing throughout.  We were committed to developing a rich curriculum that brought out the social, emotional, creative, intellectual, and physical capacities of each child.


We have been fortunate to bring together a core of caring and highly motivated people who have helped us make our commitment become a reality.


Explore our program here and now and come to visit our 2 1/2 acre campus at your leisure.



Our Philosophy


How can a child create a picture that pleases her unless she learns to persist when her pictures do not please her?


Is it possible to learn and grow from our mistakes if we develop the habit of blaming others?


Does a child develop confidence if he does not learn to think for himself?


Even with the many advantages that our children enjoy, without a solid base of social and emotional skills, their potential as human beings will not be fully realized. Without the ability to think critically and problem solve their potential to be independent thinkers is lessened.  But, with thoughtful guidance and love, a healthy foundation can be laid in a way that frees a child to experience the joys and pleasures of childhood and beyond.


These thoughts are the germinal seeds that have formed our program.

Jeanne H. M. Fallon                      John W. Pangburn                  Kevin J. Fallon

In memory of John Pangburn


1100 School St.

Mansfield, MA 02048